Stitching Service

The Economy subscription has been created to enable you to create Virtual Tours for every property in the month in a cost effective way.

Price includes:

  • Provide your own camera
  • 10 Virtual Tours (per month)

£250.00 (Price excluding VAT)

The first 10 projects within a month are included in the subscription.

Once you have used your 10 included virtual tours in a particular month, every additional project costs £25.

Every active hosting is charged at £3 per tour, per month.

Virtual tours with built in video conferencing, allowing up to 5 people to join the tour from different devices at any one time. You only need one per account not per prescription.

2D floor plans can be added to your subscription or ordered on a project by project basis.

Hot spots allow you to highlight features of the property. Request them per project or add them to the subscription.

HD photos are not available when using the Theta V Camera, upgrade to the Premium or Professional subscription.